Saturday, July 19, 2014

Exploring Natural Colorants in Cold Process Soap

Although I've dabbled with a few natural colorants here and there, it wasn't until this month's soap challenge that I really delved deeper into the beautiful world of natural colorants...and enjoyed it!

Here are a couple of my soaps that were made using indigo, alkanet root, paprika, turmeric and annatto seeds...all infused in organic olive oil...

In an effort to maintain the bright yellow calendula petals (and avoid cutting streaks), I added those to the soap as an accent after cutting :)


  1. An absolutely stunning example of this technique, made more so by these gorgeous colours being totally natural. Superb work!

  2. Beautiful colours and here I was feeling disheartened I couldn't get bright colours doing what I do....a lesson here so thank you :)